Gainful Employment Reporting

The Clearinghouse’s Gainful Employment Reporting service is an option under our Student Reporting service, through which we will submit Gainful Employment (GE) data that you provide to us to the Department of Education on your behalf. By adding our free Gainful Employment Reporting service, your institution will gain the convenience and efficiency of outsourcing all of your compliance reporting through the Clearinghouse. You can enroll in our free Gainful Employment Reporting service by signing an addendum to your Clearinghouse agreement. Contact us for an addendum.

Your institution should prepare your Gainful Employment (GE) data file using a fixed width or comma separated value (CSV) format and submit the file to the Clearinghouse via your secure FTP account.

After you’ve submitted your GE file, the Clearinghouse will run edit checks and post the response file for your review and approval. The checks run against your file are solely to confirm that its format conforms to the NSLDS standard; these are not DATA checks.

1. Log onto the Clearinghouse secure site at (click “User Login” on the green menu in the upper-right corner).

2. Under the Student Reporting tab, click the “Gainful Employment Reporting” link.


3. On the Gainful Employment Files page, you will see the full list of received responses that require your attention.

4. Click a file name link to view the complete response from the Clearinghouse.

5. If errors are present, the records should be corrected and the ENTIRE file resubmitted.

6. Once no errors are present, you can approve the file and we will forward it to the NSLDS on your behalf.

> GE File Status Definitions

  • Pending/Action Required: Action required by school submitting data
  • Sent: Data file has been submitted to NSLDS
  • Response Received/Action Required: NSLDS has sent a response
  • Failed: File failed to run or has issues and must be resubmitted
  • Rejected: School has rejected submission
  • Completed: NSLDS has accepted data file
  • Historical: Data file submitted prior to 2015

> GE File Status Icons

image20.gif  Confirmed
image33.gif  Errors Found
image19.gif  Warning

Visit FSA’s Gainful Employment page for more information on this new reporting requirement, including the latest Gainful Employment User Guide.


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