> Forgot User Name or Password

If you forgot your user name and/or password, contact A Clearinghouse customer service representative will contact you via phone to provide you with your user name and/or reset your password. You will be required to change the password the next time you log in.

> Locked Account

Your user name will be locked if you unsuccessfully try to log into your secure FTP account five times within two minutes. The account will unlock after 15 minutes.

To unlock your account and reset your password, contact

If there are 15 unsuccessful attempts to login within five minutes, the IP address used for the attempts will be blocked and the account can only be unlocked by contacting

For more information, read our FTP account password policy.

> Trouble Signing In

If you are having trouble signing in, make sure you are attempting to login to the secure FTP Web site ( and not the Clearinghouse home page (, which requires a different user name and password. If you are attempting  to login to the correct Web site, make sure you have entered your user name and password correctly (please note that passwords are case sensitive) and make sure the caps lock is not on.

> Trouble Sending a File

If you are having trouble sending a file, please make sure it is a PC file. The Clearinghouse cannot process Mac files.

> Firewall Issues

If you are having trouble with your firewall, please see “Configuring Your Firewall Settings“.

> Trouble Using Automated Scripts

If you are having trouble using automated scripts for uploading and/or downloading, check your SSH key.


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