Who Can Verify?

Colleges and universities outsource enrollment and degree verifications to the National Student Clearinghouse for the following categories of requestors:

  1. Employers so that their alumni can be quickly and efficiently verified for jobs
  2. Student service providers so that their students can take full advantage of the many discounts and services available only to students or graduates
  3. Students or graduates who need certification of their own enrollment or degree
  4. Student lenders, including loan servicers and guaranty agencies, so eligible students will continue to receive student loan deferments
  5. Schools, states and local educational authorities to determine the current and historical enrollment status of students

Users of our online verification portal who seek to verify enrollment, degrees and/or dates of attendance must certify that their request fits into one of these categories. These eligibility categories do not apply to requestors verifying professional certifications.

Frequently, the Clearinghouse is directly approached for verifications by members of the media or private investigators. We refer these requestors to the institution so that the institution can directly handle these sometimes sensitive inquiries.

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