Getting Started with Verification Services

> Academic Credentials that Can Be Verified

Verifications are available for:

  • High school diploma
  • Postsecondary degree or school certificate (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Current enrollment within the past six months (only account holders can verify enrollment that occurred more than six months and up to 18 months ago)
  • Past dates of postsecondary attendance (for someone who has NOT received a degree)
  • Professional certificate (business or technical)

To help you save time, Verification Services enables you to perform up to three of each type of verification for a single student at one time. See the related topic, Verify Additional Degrees (doesn’t apply to high school diploma verifications).

If you want to look up participating schools:

To successfully complete a postsecondary degree or enrollment verification:

  1. How to Verify Academic Credentials
  2. Access Verification Services
  3. Choose the Request Type
  4. Search for a School
  5. Submit a Verification Request
  6. Enter Payment Information
  7. View a Verification
  8. Print a Certificate
  9. Print Your Receipt
  10. Verify Additional Degrees

> Obtain Student Consent

You can only submit an online postsecondary verification request for a student who has applied for employment with the organization you represent or who has applied for a discount, product, or service dependent on his or her student status. For high school diplomas, see High School Diploma Verifications.

In some cases, schools will not research their records for the student’s information until they see signed and dated written consent from the student authorizing the release of the information to you. As the school’s agent, the Clearinghouse may require you to fax a copy of the student’s consent to us. Upon receipt of our request, you must fax a copy of the signed consent to us within two (2) business days. If we do not receive the faxed consent from you within two business days, your request will be closed without verification.

Verification Services provides requestors with a link to a generic consent form to use. To obtain the form, you can query the pending transaction (requiring student consent) by clicking Find Past Verifications under the right menu. Click the “Show Details” link to expand the results of the transaction and select the “consent form” link.

> Create a Profile

If you’re a Verification Services credit card user, you can create a free profile that will allow you to save your contact and secure credit card information and also view a summary of past verifications. Unregistered users can look up past verifications individually by email address and transaction ID or order ID.

Creating an account allows you to look up past transactions by not only order ID and transaction ID, but by status type and date requested. Personal profiles are not required for requestors who open a Verification Services account.

To Create Your Free Profile:

1. Go to

2. Click the VERIFY NOW button.


3. Select Create an Account, located under the right menu on the Request a Verification page.


4. Complete the fields in the Personal Information section (all fields are required).

5. Create a unique user name under the Account Details section. Be aware that once you select a new user name, you will not be able to change it later.

6. Click Submit. An email will be sent to you with your user ID and temporary password. After logging in, you will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions, change your password, and set the security challenge questions.

> Open an Account

We encourage organizations that perform frequent degree and/or enrollment verifications to open a Clearinghouse company account.

Account holders receive:

  • Convenience of paying via credit card or monthly invoice (subject to $100 minimum monthly fee)
  • Discounted verifications
  • Option to receive real-time verification data via Web services
  • And more

To open an account, email us at

> Web Services

Our Web services delivery option is available at no charge to Clearinghouse account holders. The Web services option integrates Verification Services information into your case management system, including hosted applications. Verifications are automatically transmitted in real time into your system, eliminating the need for your staff to key in verification information. You’ll also have immediate access to new Verification Services data via your own system as soon as it becomes available.

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