Getting Started with Verification Services

Academic Credentials that Can Be Verified Obtain Student Consent Create a Profile Open an Account Web Services > Academic Credentials that Can Be Verified Verifications are available for: High school diploma Postsecondary degree or school certificate (undergraduate or graduate) Current enrollment within the past six months (only account holders can […]

Account Management

Change Expired Password Edit Your Profile Manage Users View Deleted Users Apply for Sales Tax Exemption User Role Types > Change Expired Password Due to security reasons, your password to the Clearinghouse secure site will expire every 90 days. On or after the date of expiration, you will be prompted […]

1. How to Verify Postsecondary & Professional Credentials

Our Verification Services is an all-in-one service platform that enables you to manage and track all of your postsecondary and professional academic verifications online. Verifications are available for: Degree or school certificate (undergraduate or graduate) Current enrollment within the past six months (only account holders can verify enrollment that occurred […]

2. Access Verification Services

> First-Time Users 1. Go to 2. Click VERIFY NOW. You’ll be directed to the Request a Verification page as a guest user. If you’d like to look up our participating schools and professional certification sponsors, select one of the links below. > Returning Users (Credit Card Users & […]

3. Choose the Request Type

After you’ve logged in: 1. Check the verification type under “WHAT would you like to verify?” Selecting an option will automatically generate extra fields, where you can enter the name of the school, dates attended, etc. 2. Check more than one box, if you’d like to perform more than one […]

4. Search for a School

Once you’ve chosen the request type(s) on the Request a Verification page: 1. Start typing the school name. (As you are typing the school name, you’ll notice that a list of potential matches will automatically generate below the field. The potential matches start with the information you entered; up to […]

5. Submit a Verification Request

After you’ve selected a school, tell us whose academic credentials you want to verify: 1. Complete the required student fields, marked with an asterisk (*), under “WHO would you like to verify?” The Date of Birth field is optional, but can be entered in the following formats: MM/DD/YYYY, MM/DD, or […]

6. Enter Payment Information

If you are an unregistered (guest) user, you will be required to enter your credit card information each time you submit a new verification request. If you’ve registered a profile on Verification Services, you can save your secure credit card details, so you can skip this step. However, you will […]

7. View a Verification

After you’ve submitted a verification request and/or entered payment information (for credit card users), you will see the Verification Results page. The “Green Ribbon” shows that a degree, enrollment, or professional certification has been successfully confirmed. Select the “Show Details” link to expand the order and reveal the verification details. […]

8. Print a Certificate

After you’ve viewed your verification summary: Click the “Certificate” link to open, save, and/or print the verification certificate for your records. If you’re a credit card user, click on the “order” link at the top of the page to save and/or print your payment receipt. (Note: All registered and unregistered […]