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Service Availability Status

Updates on the availability of the National Student Clearinghouse online system are available below. If you are experiencing an issue not described below, please contact us.

Important Information

September 13, 2017 01:32:24 pm

Institutions located in areas impacted by Hurricanes Nate, Irma and Harvey may experience delays processing transcript requests and responding to DegreeVerify requests that require research in collaboration with impacted institutions. You can expect delays for institutions impacted by Hurricane Maria. The Clearinghouse is actively communicating with impacted institutions and will update you as the situation evolves.

Important Information

We regularly perform system maintenance for National Student Clearinghouse web applications on Sundays from 10 PM, ET - 4 AM, ET. During that time you may experience system unavailability and/or system slowness. Thank you for your patience.

Security Certificate Update

If you are a college or university experiencing issues connecting to the Clearinghouse secure site, you may need to update the security certificate used by your application or service to connect to Please see our Certificate Help page.