The Tennessee Transcript Center has been a wonderful addition to our school. By using this electronic system, we were able to send 500+ final transcripts in a few hours, which in the past had taken several days. Orderatranscript.com offers an easy way for students to send their transcripts, and it is so simple to track and confirm delivery, which offers peace of mind for our students.

Debbie Frost (Registrar) and Stacey Helmbrecht (School Counselor)

Ravenwood High School

TN Transcript Center, where have you been all of my life? As a busy Administrative Assistant & Registrar, it is so wonderful to be able to assist our students in securing their future by sending transcripts to multiple locations using one screen, one center, all at once. Before our school district chose to utilize the Tennessee Transcript Center, transcripts were sent by “snail mail.”

Now, there are no wrong mailing addresses, no stamps, no postal service, no sitting in student services buildings on a desk or in a pile of unopened mail. Not having to print each transcript, sign and then stamp the official seal, print the mailing envelope, etc.; is such a time saver. The students simply request and then I am able to send immediately. The transition is so smooth and the response is immediate. Why wouldn’t every institution–large or small–choose to use the TN Transcript Center?

Sheryl Clevenger (Registrar)

Cocke County High School

When I first started in the Mt. Juliet High School Counseling Office last year, electronic submission of transcripts to colleges and other high schools was not possible. We have approximately 2,200 students and 500 seniors, of which 94 percent go on to attend college, which meant we were sending an enormous amount of transcripts via the mail.

There was NO way to track and confirm that the college received a transcript. Schools, parents, and students would call at times saying they never received the transcript, so we would end up sending it more than once. You can imagine how frustrating this was for me and my colleagues.

Fortunately, throughout 2016, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) worked with the National Student Clearinghouse to create the Tennessee Electronic Transcript Exchange.

Now Mt. Juliet High School, and all Tennessee high schools, can exchange electronic transcript data of current and recent students with all Tennessee high schools and higher education institutions for free. Tennessee high schools can sign up to join the free Tennessee Electronic Transcript Exchange at https://studentclearinghouse.info/tn.

All the manual steps — pulling the students info, printing “x” number of copies for “x” number of colleges, stapling, folding, stuffing, address, and stamping the envelopes — was overwhelming at times. Since August 1, the Transcript Exchange has saved us 150 working hours and $700 in postage plus the costs for 1,400 envelopes and 5,000 pieces of paper.

The service is completely user friendly and allows us to track where a transcript is in the exchange process and exactly when it is received by a college. No more questioning if the transcript arrived or not! When someone calls to say they haven’t received a transcript and/or ACT scores, I simply log in to the secure Transcript Exchange website, run a quick report, and review the details.

The only negative? I didn’t have it sooner!

Missy Pyle (Guidance Secretary)

Mount Juliet High School

Sending transcripts electronically is much faster than printing a transcript, filling out an envelope, and paying to mail it. The TN Transcript Center also tracks the transcripts which really helps because students frequently receive letters from colleges saying they still need transcripts when they have already been sent. I can now quickly look up the student and see which universities have received transcripts. This also saves a lot of time and money because we no longer send duplicate transcripts.

With the additional time, I am able to spend more time working with seniors on scholarships, progress monitoring, helping them think about what they want to major in at college, or any other topic that needs to be addressed. Thanks for making the transcript process faster and much less expensive!

Blake Frerking (Grade 12 Counselor)

Montgomery Central High School