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The test file is an interactive tool that will allow you to review your data for formatting issues and other common errors prior to uploading the actual data via our secure FTP site.

The test file tool provides instantaneous feedback helping you to revise, update, and verify data. This process facilitates faster processing times and keeps affordability regulated. It also allows the National Student Clearinghouse to keep the cost of service down.

1. Log into your account. If you need assistance with accessing the account, please refer to our login instructions.

2. After logging into your account, select the Research Services tab. After selecting the Research Services tab, the screen below will be displayed:

3. After selecting the Submit Test File option, the user must select if the test file will be for a Graduate or Request file. If you need assistance with selecting between the Graduate or Request file, please refer to instructions on our StudentTracker® Graduate file layout or Request file layout.

4. When you select the option between Graduate or Request files, click the Browse link to locate the file. After locating the file, click Upload. Once you do, the file will go to our test platform.

Please note there is a 1,000 record limit for the Submit Test File feature in StudentTracker®.


> View Error Resolution Details

1. Once the test file is uploaded, you will receive instant feedback (that will appear in the following format). You can also print the error resolution sheet by clicking the Print link.

The error resolution sheet will provide a detail of why the file has the errors and warnings. It also provides what steps need to be taken to make the corrections.

TIP: The file will not successfully come through our system with these errors – they need to be corrected. Please refer to the step-by-step instructions for creating a file to fix these errors. See Graduate file layout or Request file layout.

TIP: When a warning appears you will need to review it before submitting the file through the FTP account. However, the file will go through successfully with warnings.

  • Type Column: There are differences between errors and/or warnings – when an error appears in your results you will need to fix it before you upload the file to the FTP account. They will be shown in the Type column.
  • Section Column: This will indicate where the errors and/or warnings will be displayed in the file.
  • Description Column: This field will show the error and/or warning description of the issues found in the file.
  • Proposed Solution Column: Will suggest how to correct the error and/or warning issue that is displayed.
  • Number of Affective Records Column: This column will display the number for total records that have an error and/or warning associated with the record(s).
  • Row Numbers Column: This field provides what row the error and/or warning is located in the file.

2. Once errors are fixed, rerun your file through the test file tool. (See Steps 1 and 2)

3. Finally, check to see if the errors and warnings have been corrected. The file will be able to pass through the validations with warnings, but if the file has any errors, you will need to correct the errors prior to submitting the file through your StudentTracker® FTP account. Also see login instructions.





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