Student Self-Service FAQs

> What Does Student Self-Service Include?

Student Self-Service is an online service that gives students 24/7 access to important services at no charge. Students can print enrollment certificates, order transcripts online (if your institution participates in Transcript Ordering), access their student lender information, and more on demand.

In addition to reducing your office workload and providing faster and better service to students, the Clearinghouse will:

  • Provide Student Self-Service at no cost when your institution participates in our Enrollment Reporting, EnrollmentVerify, and DegreeVerify services
  • Brand your Student Self-Service page with your school’s logo
  • Ensure that you can provide important services to students 24/7, even when your office is closed in the event of an emergency/disaster

Your institution has the opportunity to customize your service for your school, branding the site with your school logos and colors. Your school’s branding can also be displayed in the Student-Self Service masthead that appears at the top of every page. You can also add our additional services, enabling students to do the following:

  • Transcript Ordering: Order official transcripts or view the status of previous transcript requests (if your school participates in our free Transcript Ordering service).
  • Good Student Discounts: Print “Good Student Discount” certificates (if eligible) to submit to auto insurers and others to obtain good student discounts on goods and services.
  • Advanced Registration Certificates: Print “Advanced Registration” certificates needed to obtain student-discounted products and services.

> How Does Student Self-Service Work?

  1. Your institution adds a link from your student login site to the Student Self-Service portal.
  2. When a student clicks the link, a secure Web browser session is established between your institution’s server and the Clearinghouse server.
  3. Once the session is established, the student can use Student Self-Service to print enrollment certificates, view enrollment history, obtain a list of their lenders, and more.

> How Can We Maximize the Effectiveness of Student Self-Service?

To maximize the time-saving benefits of Student Self-Service, the Clearinghouse recommends several ideas for promoting the service to your students, including:

  • Add Student Self-Service to your Web site and provide instructions on how to access Student Self-Service
  • Send an email blast to students announcing the service and include a link
  • Distribute Student Self-Service flyers in student areas on campus
  • Actively refer students to the Web site and create a phone script for incoming calls
  • Promote the service through your institution’s print and online publications

The Clearinghouse can also provide you with a Student Self-Service flyer, customized for your school, that you can copy and distribute to your students. To request a color and/or black-and-white flyer, contact your implementation services representative (if you don’t know who has been assigned to your school, email us at


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