Match Found

To Select a Match

1. Click on a student’s name.

2. On the Review Verification page, Verification Services automatically searches for and displays any potential student or degree-level filtering matches for your review. If you find a match, check the box next to the correct student or degree-level filtering match. Depending on your selection type, the page will automatically expand to include the Verification Response and Edit Degree Detail sections, or you may close the request with the available degrees without editing.

3. If you need to update any of the student record details for a potential match or for the degree-level filtering match, enter them under Edit Degree Detail.

4. Under Verification Response, enter a comment that will be sent to the requestor (optional).

5. Click Next >.

6. You’ll be taken back to the Review Verification page.

7. Click Submit > to close the request OR edit/delete the record. (Additional degrees can also be added for the student on this page by checking “Add Another Record.”)

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