Make Your Query and Report Selections

Step 1: Select a Query Type and Effective Date

The Clearinghouse matches your students against a snapshot of our postsecondary database three times a year (fall, spring, and summer). This ensures consistency in the outcome — any report for any user runs against the same set of postsecondary data.

In order to generate a report online, you must first manipulate the cohort of students to study and select the appropriate query type and effective date to narrow the results.

What is a batch? A batch is an eight-year window of your students’ information. It examines eight years retroactive of the effective date chosen. For example, if 2008 was the last submitted graduate class, the aggregates return any information from the class of 2001 and forward.

1. Select Graduates or Request

Look at the two distinct queries:

a) Graduates: An aggregate of graduate records dating back eight years from the most recently submitted class. Student data appears only if data was previously submitted.

b) Request: A custom cohort of students. This option appears if the institution submitted non-graduate files. Request files return information dating back eight years from the most recent “last date of attendance” of the file.

2. Select the Effective Date

In the drop-down menu, you’ll find a list of up to nine effective dates; the most recent effective date appears at the top. Run reports for any date. (Note that the options will appear slightly different for the two query types.)

“Graduates” Query Type


“Request” Query Type

Chosen by the Clearinghouse, this date represents the moment the Clearinghouse matches your student information against the enrollment information submitted by the Clearinghouse’s postsecondary clients. The aggregate reports (and detail report) reflect the matches made by the Clearinghouse’s system. Select either a recent effective date or an older one to run reports for current or prior years, respectively.

Step 2: Select Reports

After you’ve completed the Query Type and Effective Date fields under step 1, you’ll next identify the most relevant aggregate report(s) for the search. For a more in-depth explanation of the reports, see the related Report Definitions topic.

Identify and select the aggregate reports that best address your interest or need. Examine overall outcomes for postsecondary performance in any of the following categories. (Note: The first four reports below further dissect data by institutional characteristics, such as school location and type. However, these do not include Demographics and Academics aggregate reports.)


To learn more, visit the Frequently Asked Questions topic.


Step 3: Select Individual High School and Account-Level Reports

Select the high schools in the account for which the Clearinghouse should produce reports.

1. From the left column, highlight the schools you’d like to include. To create reports for these high schools, click the “Add” option (the highlighted schools should now appear in the right column). To add all high schools, select the “Add All” option instead. You can remove a high school by selecting “Remove,” or you can start over with “Remove All.


Note: You can generate reports for any and all of the high schools that appear in the left column. The list will only include high schools that are associated with your account at the time of the effective date. In special circumstances, the list of high schools may change from batch to batch. If the high school(s) for which you would like to request reports are unavailable, please email us at for assistance. Your coordinator will contact you regarding the request.

2. Checking the “Select Account Level” box consolidates all of the data from the schools in the account, and it creates all of the selected reports from step 2. Click Submit to request the report.

For additional questions or issues, please also read the Frequently Asked Questions section.

3. You will see a Report Confirmation page with the details of the reports in progress. You will be notified via email when the reports are ready to view.



Step 4: Generate an Account-Level Student Detail Report

1. While selecting individual high school and/or account-level reports, you also have the option to create an account-level student detail report. Check the box to generate a student detail report. This type of report provides the specific term-by-term enrollment data of the students in your cohort.


2. Click Submit to request the report. Next, you should see the Student Detail Report listed (along with other reports you’ve selected) on the Report Confirmation page.


For additional questions or issues, please read the Frequently Asked Questions section.



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